Sorry, it is the product.

So I just read Mary Jo Foley’s take of the Sinofsky exit.  She seems to be leaning more towards politics rather than product as to why Sinofksy is gone.

Here’s what she’s saying  (in a nutshell – please read her post).

  1. Sinofsky railroaded his vision over others.
  2. MS is now going to focus on collaboration, it’s clear – because it’s in the proxy.
  3. Since 2) is the going forward focus and 1) is also true, then ‘hit the road Steve’.

Seriously? What kind of company would MS be if this is how they treated their senior executives?  Why would you work there if you were just an average employee? (I’m sure Google, Facebook, or Amazon are hiring)

Look I’m not a fan of Sinofsky but he is a skilled executive and for MS to cast him aside for ruffling some feathers is just ludicrous and simply a waste of value.  And lets face it, is this really the first time that Ballmer is hearing about this? Really? I hope not.  I mean, his “politics” where acceptable leading up the launch – you know that product MS is betting its future on –  but now, whoa, sorry Steve. And who really gave Sinoksky this power – Ballmer. Even Forstall wasn’t forced out due to politics alone – it was the product and what followed.

I simply don’t buy the politics argument. Was it a factor – sure. Was it the the main reason. – no. And if Win 8 is a run away mega-hit then his politics would be forgiven or at least tolerated. So to me, that leaves only the product.

Sinofsky is shown the door.

I should have guessed this was coming when I read this morning that Ballmer told a  French interviewer that Surface sales were “moderate”. When you are a Goliath like Microsoft the term moderate == underperform == fail. You when spend that much money and have such a large existing user base you expect more than moderate.

Though one can’t really say this hasn’t been coming for months now. Afer all the whole Windows 8 launch/reception can’t be described as euphoria.  So now the question becomes, when will Windows 9 come out and will be look more like Windows 7?




SQL Server 2012 – Long Time Coming

Seems like a long time coming, but Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2012 will be released on March 7, 2012. If you happen to have been at the PASS Summit 2011 in October you’re probably excited by this release. (From what I was told,  SQL Server 2012 is looking very impressive. ) Here’s the agenda for the release event and here’s the free registration.  Here’s the new feature list, of which I here Always On is the big thing.

Window 8 Keynote

I’m watching the Windows 8 Keynote right now and so far, it’s impressive. It’s not quite clear to me yet how far you can push HTML/Javascript vs C# & XAML but I guess we’ll find out later this weekend. (By that I mean, is Entity Framework, or TPL built in now?) I guess the real question is how powerful is WinRT – so far it’s looks really powerful.