My Chrome for Android beta

Today Google released a beta of Chrome For Android and since I’ve got a Samsung Nexus I qualify. You can read up on all the gory details in the official blog post.¬† I installed it simply for the sync with desktop feature. I’ve tested it out too and it works fine. There are a couple gotchas with it though:

  1. If you opened a tab and you weren’t signed into Chrome to share, then that tab will not get synced when you do sign in. ¬†Probably should be expected, but it did throw me at first. If you wanted it synced, go to your desktop Chrome and refresh, it will then get synced.
  2. I’ve found the Last synced: status to be suspect. Mine shows either “Now” or ‘5 mins ago’. I’ve never any other status.

Remember folks, it is a beta.

Here’s the official video.


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