The New Microsoft?

I’m keenly waiting on next week’s Build conference because I’m unsure about how excited to be about Windows 8. There’s pieces of Windows 8 that I think are total shit, like the Windows Explorer ribbon. Calling it is an “improvement” is rather generous since think the implementation results in a visual disaster. However, that fact that Explorer is being examined is a good sign- it means that maybe there’s been a serious look in the mirror.

Another positive appears to be Jupiter, though I’ll wait until more is known about it.

Today, Sinofsky explained the new boot implementation for Windows 8. To be honest, I initially thought Steven was just another out of touch and aloof management type whose sole focus was to sell, sell, sell and never actually listen. But now I’m beginning to change my opinion (maybe one day, we’ll hung it out).  I rather like this new boot/shut down approach. Personally, my only problem with boot/shut down was time. Team Sinofsky went further and took a look at the qualitative perceptive – kudos guys. First person research told them why users choose shut down and thus they were able to elicit a design constraint that I didn’t know existed/mattered. Now I can immediately can draw the parallel to the knock against plasma TV’s and their phantom power consumption and, in hindsight, it seems like a obvious concern.

So next week, I’ll be looking forward to Mary Jo’s reports and watching the videos. I don’t care to be there, but I’ll still be paying attention.

I’ve got a good feeling about next week but I don’t want to be disappointed.

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