The culture of Southwest at Detroit International Airport

So here’s a quick story.

I was going through Detroit International Airport last week and I happened to be down on Level 1 in the North Terminal by baggage claim 5 (I think). There’s a men’s bathroom that’s pretty of close to an escalator and that’s where I came across three offices all for lost baggage. Frontier, Southwest, and US Airways – in that order. It’s amazing how different the Southwest office looked, not because they had prettier stuff, but simply due to the effort that their staff had made. The windows where covered with fun “flare” while Frontier’s office simply had a sign that read “Only one customer at a time in the office”. And US Airways just looked like another bland grey office.

So kudos to Southwest because someone likes working there, which to me implies that if I were to lose my luggage then I would prefer to interact with the Southwest office culture and people. (Btw, I was flying Frontier).

Oh, and I expect that my MBA professor would be proud that I noted the difference.

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