I like my Cosmic Panda

Today I enabled the experimental Cosmic Panda interface on YouTube.  In general the aesthetic of the video player interface is greatly improved. I never did cared for the old color scheme (the stark white background) and so Google had me with the default grey background and the off white contrast. The grey also works well with the muted red in the process bar.

But by far my favorite feature is video size selector. It makes quick work of finding a preferred size and it is miles better than the old default/full screen option. I could never get the size I liked before – now I had it on the second click.

Google also increased the size of the suggested videos which always seemed too small for taste anyway. I never did understand why the old version had such small views – doesn’t Google want me to click on the suggestion?  – so why make it hard to see.

So far I’m sticking with Cosmic Panda. It’s just better and I hope I get to keep it.
To enable your own go here. BTW, if you don’t like you can always switch back – though I doubt you will.

You can click on the image below to super size my Cosmic Panda look in Chrome.

Cosmic Panda

Cosmic Panda

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