If you are reading Applied WPF 4 In Context…

Right now I’ve made it through to Chapter 3 but I found Chapter 2 quite challenging because some of the Figures do not match the associated text. Below is my version (as big as I could make it) of Figure 2-6 from the book. It is how I understand it to look, and I believe, it is what Raffaele Garofalo is attempting to communicate. I have submitted several erratas in regards to Chapter 2 but until those are sorted out I hope I am helping other readers.

Things to note:

Chapter 2 code is not included the source code download I grabbed from Apress on 6/27/2011.

I used Apress.TimeTracker like the text suggests and not Apress.TimeTracking like the figure(s) in the book contain.

Under the 3rdParty Folder, WPFToolKit.Extended.dll is actually not from Microsoft but rather an individual effort from codeplex – here. ┬áIn Figure 2-7 of the book Raffaele shows the extended toolkit added to the project and not the WPF Toolkit provided by Microsoft which he suggests he is using on page 26. In the text on page 39 it only describes it as “WPFToolkit” and so I have assumed the he meant the Extended version given the Figure and it’s placement in the 3rdParty folder.

I also used Lib as a folder name and not Lib and Resources as in the Figures in the book do since the icons are placed in Apress.TimeTracker/Resources/Images as per Figure 2-8 on page 40.


Applied WPF in Context Fig 2-6

Applied WPF in Context Fig 2-6

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  1. Hey – thanks for posting this – I’m working through Rafaelle’s “WPF 4 in Context” (my second attempt) – and I REALLY want to learn this stuff, but he’s made it unnecessarily difficult.

    These posts of yours have saved me crucial time, thanks!!


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