Windows gets some XAML

This morning Scott has posted word of some re-organization at Microsoft.

The major point -obviously- is that the XAML team will be joining Windows. Which in my opinion is wonderful because it starts to validate what people are seeing in the Windows 8 M3 builds. (See here)
Since it seems that the .NET runtime is already merging into Windows, this is a natural and logical re-org.  Basically it answers that .NET as a separate entity is gone and so, it is absorbed into core Windows.

WPF/SL – it was nice to know you.

If you have been keeping up the drama, then you know that WPF is dead (unofficially) and SL is on life support. And as Scott suggests, SL5 is basically an adrenaline needle to keep things kosher until the Windows 8 bomb drops. But that’s ok, we are developers we move forward and adapt. At one point we all wrote in C/C++ – and wanted to kill ourselves.

BTW, as a developer, I only know a VERY small group (like 1 or 2) that use Blend. It seems that most LOB’s apps don’t care/don’t have the budget for pretty things anyway. So if it dies/changes, that too is ok with me since I don’t have much vested in it anyway.  I’d much rather see VS 2010 get official HTML5 support.

The real question is can MS execute on this dream? – that’s the part that makes me nervous.  (After reading some the Windows 8 changes I’ve contemplated that exact question and I just may have to share that opinion.)


UPDATE: Mary has a good take on this too.

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