Ok, I believe, WPF is dead

When I first saw Scott’s post about the demise of WPF I was skeptical. I didn’t know him, so I thought that maybe he was just some crazy going off on Microsoft. Turns out he’s just Australian, and he was actually right.

Over, and over, and over, and over again (see below) evidence poured forward that signaled the demise of WPF and most likely Silverlight. It’s looking like both are headed for ‘legacy’ status under Windows 8.

I do believe Scott was had it nailed all along.

WPF is finished and Silverlight is on the ropes – still in it but absorbing massive body punches. The only thing that’s left to be determined is how much will be required to use these old friends with the new Windows 8 toys. Will they be painfully lost to the legacy app status or will Microsoft provide a magic pill to make them fully part of the new new next thing. I don’t know, and I suppose we won’t get any clues until Build.
I would love to be at Build but that’s not possible. I would love for MS to communicate – apparently that’s not happening until Build.

If Microsoft refuses to make a statement then it’s going to be a long and torturous road to September.

Stay tuned…


For those of you just joining the conversation and are thinking, ‘Hey WTF is Joe going on about?’ or ‘Maybe he’s just Canadian?’ here’s a cheat sheet….


June 2, Microsoft drops (and here) the now infamous HTML + JS ‘comment bomb’

June 3, Developers begin to express their rage

FUD runs rampant for a few days…

June 14, Developer brains CTRL-ALT-Del themselves back to rationality – early signs of what might exist in Windows 8 show up in the Milestone 3 build.

June 20, Some good news, and a whole a lot of questions begin to emerge about Win8

June 23/24,  XAML team enters the WinDiv inner circle. (Here and here)
Finally, a summary of how we got here and where we might be heading…

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