Google takes on GIS

Today Google announced it’s Google Earth Builder service which will allow enterprises to upload, store, and share their geospatial data with their end users and partners.

Looking at their blog post I’ll address some of benefits that Google is touting.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

This is critical for any organization but it is surprising how often the only customer that is considered the internal customer. Last year I spoke with an executive of a highway supplier that expressed how terrific it would be if the geospatial data that the cities had was shared with their partners. Now it can be.

  • Speed & Scale

This is the Achilles heel for any geospatial implementation – it’s never fast enough.

  • Lower Cost

This is the primary reason for not having/providing spatial data. In general the costs are out of line with the value.

  • Secure Storage & Recovery

Yep, seen this before. Now you finally you don’t have to worry about upgrading your Oracle anymore.

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