One founder with no competitors

One aspect of entrepreneurship that I believe gets less attention than it deserves is successful companies which have a single founder. Many times these companies are not fast rising stars or those which raise large amounts of venture capital. (Note: Venture capital people tend to not like single founder companies.) One such company is Viking Range. It is a single founder company but what makes it more impressive is that Fred Carl Jr. admits there where no existing competitors.  What I love about this story is that it highlights two things:

Attitude –  Fred realizes that no one else in this business and he says,  “this is a business”. Many entrepreneurs would reconsider jumping in, but Fred didn’t.

No overnight success – while it’s true that Viking had a successful launch in 1987, success did not happen overnight. Raising the initial capital was a friends and family affair and it took about 4 years to get the first product out the door.

One of the advantages of being a single founder is that you can follow a passion and make it a success. When there’s two or more founders, passion can get lost in risk control.

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