Over thinking the vision

One of the hardest battles an entrepreneur must endure is thinking too much about “the vision”.  I’m not sure why this trait is so common or where it stems from: maybe it’s the fear of risk, maybe it’s to overcome a technical hurdle, or maybe it’s the need to convince himself that the vision really does have legs. Whatever the reason it can become an cancer on the execution of the vision. To put it another way, too much reflection achieves exactly that – nothing but vision.

One strategy that I’ve used in the past to overcome this trap is to break the larger vision down into smaller bits with the provision that each bit must deliver incremental value to the user. You then organize these bits into a delivery timeline that ultimately achieves the larger vision.  The best thing about this approach is that allows the latter bits to be a bit fuzzy and even undefined, which allows you plenty of opportunity to pivot without crushing that grand, finely honed, vision you worked so hard on.

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